Modern medicine or how to protect yourself!
Today, in the world of fast food, we often forget or do not attach due importance to nutrition. So every year there is a growing number of obese people, and people whose power has led them to sickness and disease. When bad food spoil figure, skin, health problems (shortness of breath, low stamina, sweating, bad breath, and the like).
Child's health is largely dependent on his lifestyle: a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and sufficient physical activity. In words all sounds very simple, but in fact provide good nutrition to children is difficult - impossible to get many kids to eat vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, and quality products today leaves much to be desired.
What vitamins are suitable for children from 3 years? Parents always worry about their children. Proper nutrition, well-chosen clothes, tempering, timely vaccinations and examinations by doctors - all this is very important for a child of any age.

Benefit or harm of drugs

Most people nowadays can not live without drugs.

Eyes of modern man, using them can be cured almost everything:

minor problems, such as churning stomach (due to extensive dinners ) and mild pain in the stomach;
severe disorders.
Why drugs have become so important in our lives that we do without them can not live a day ? Yes, because we have become very gullible and lazy. Think I’m wrong ?

Many people have formed the impression that the company engaged in production of tablets primarily concerned with our health. To some extent this is true, but still the presidents of these companies are more interested in revenue from the sale of their products than we do. That’s why you need not trust each new drug to advertise, because the pharmaceutical business in the first place – business.

I’ll be wrong, if only accuse pharmaceutical companies. First of all, we are to blame, buyers. Why ?

Yes, because we do less exercise (due to lack of free time ).
Do not care about their health in the initial forms of serious diseases.
“Skipping ” morning exercises.
Do not walk in the evening to have not suffered from insomnia and headache.
Do not cook healthy and tasty homemade food, and we eat fast food.
Accept any unnecessary medications, supplements and vitamins in pills.
Why follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, if there is a miraculous pill that can solve all problems. They got rid of a headache, diarrhea, insomnia, colds and even overweight !

But do not believe everything they say on TV. Although they are called ” drugs ” only a very small percentage of them has a healing effect.

Harm of drugs
According to the American management control over the quality of food and drugs, it was revealed that of the 348 new chemotherapy drugs created in the 1980s :

3 % had some importance for medicine;
13% of the total number of new drugs have had little contribution ;
84% (all other drugs) were useless for medicine.

As you have seen, some companies are creating drugs without benefit only to benefit. At best, there will be no benefit from these drugs, but they can also hurt ! Who knows how greedy manufacturer created a new tool and what it harmful additives…

The magazine published an article Proof called ” What we do not do the doctors say ? “, Which stated that the safety of 80% of known drugs in doubt. In other words, many drugs that we use and even dangerous for our body !

In the U.S., the cause of death due to side effects of various drugs is in 4th place, behind only heart disease, cancer, disease and strokes. Static data show that the fault of drugs every year 125,000 Americans die. But it seems that ” mere mortals ” are not afraid of these data, continuing to buy various means. Every year, the sales volume of drugs grow and grow all over the planet.

Is excused risk their health for the sake of purses giants of the pharmaceutical business ? Before answering this question, make sure the need to use this drug.

To answer this question, read the instructions carefully to medication, especially study the part of the side effects. If the treatment of headache or cold, you will get a “bunch more dangerous diseases,” what would be your prize?

Many of the ” dummy” only relieve symptoms, not curing the disease itself ! As a result, increases the risk of kidney failure, and other problems dysbiosis.

Very often the development of a variety of diseases depends on supply, which is unbalanced because of what the body is not fully getting all the nutrients it needs.
Today immensely popular variety fasting days - apple, vegetables, fruit. But perhaps none of them can compare in popularity with kefir. What is the fasting day on yogurt and why he is so loved by fans of different diets?