Modern medicine or how to protect yourself!
Today, in the world of fast food, we often forget or do not attach due importance to nutrition. So every year there is a growing number of obese people, and people whose power has led them to sickness and disease. When bad food spoil figure, skin, health problems (shortness of breath, low stamina, sweating, bad breath, and the like).
Child's health is largely dependent on his lifestyle: a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and sufficient physical activity. In words all sounds very simple, but in fact provide good nutrition to children is difficult - impossible to get many kids to eat vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, and quality products today leaves much to be desired.
What vitamins are suitable for children from 3 years? Parents always worry about their children. Proper nutrition, well-chosen clothes, tempering, timely vaccinations and examinations by doctors - all this is very important for a child of any age.

Cellulite : Myths about tablets

What is the legends and myths ? From the perspective of philology, legends and myths related to the oral culture and reflect the life and lifestyle of the people of the author. From the point of view of psychology, myths and legends reflect the social unconscious and they manifest the dreams and fears of the people living in that time.

Despite the fact that the problem of cellulite interested society relatively recently, in modern cosmetic folklore she confidently takes center stage and is shrouded in a veil of mysticism and mystery.

People creating these tales are women, without distinction of race and ethnicity. Fear, as reflected in these myths – definitely a classic fear of old age and death. Orange peel covering hip reminds woman of the impermanence of existence, lived years, symbolizes the loss of youth and beauty. Anyway, so say the glossy magazines, and which may be grounds not to believe them ?

Great Dream of these legends – no less classic dream of the Holy Grail, the source of eternal youth and beauty, The Makropulos Affair. In our case – is a kind of remedy that in a few days not only eliminates sufferer of cellulite, but also lose weight, without any discomfort, complications and effort.

Standard Legends intonation is not too different from the familiar to us, ” In a certain kingdom, in a state… ” or «Once upon a day…», the familiar English-speaking friends.

So – ” A friend of mine once tried magic pill… ”

This is the traditional myth of the magic potion. Almost all women, regardless of their level of education, social status and country of residence permit the idea that there is a magic pill Cellulite. Over the past fifteen years as a magic pill appeared :

• Cleaning agents and ” slimming teas “.

I think many readers will remember the boom in popularity of tea ” Flying Swallow”, designed for weight loss and cellulite treatment. As part of this tea after independent examination, held in 1997, was found about 94% of crushed leaves and some senna plant rot and dust of unknown origin. Effect of the drug is to express a laxative effect, which resulted in the adopted digested food is defective, there is a loss of fluid and some loss of body weight, typical, however, and for intestinal infections.
Cosmetic effect : reducing the volume, especially the tendency to edema. The effect of ” flat stomach ” several times a day. With prolonged use may decrease the weight and sharpen facial features.
Complications arise quickly dry skin, possible headaches and dizziness. Abdominal pain, flatulence. Desocialize. Hypovitaminosis.
Threatening complications : conduction disorders and cardiac muscle trophics, arrhythmias, acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Reduced activity of its own intestinal motility.

• Diuretic pills.

The oldest means discoverers believe Ballet. Popular classic diuretics. Expected impact – slimming, reducing the volume, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Indeed, the loss of fluid and all of the above happens pretty quickly.
Cosmetic effect : rapid weight loss, lack of heaviness in the legs, local reduction in the volume of leg and knee.
Complications: dry skin, decreased skin tone the body and face, loss of breast volume, the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and around the mouth, dryness and peeling lips.
Dangerous complications quickly appear abnormal heart rhythm, arrhythmia, weakness, decreased blood pressure. With regular use, formed dose of the drug addiction, dependence develops and chronic renal failure. The outcome can be tragic.

• Vitamin Complex cellulite.

Such formulations can be easily found among food additives and cocktails. Annotations promise all those miracles – getting rid of cellulite for a month. As part often can see dietary fiber, B vitamins, some of the minerals that can sometimes be found lecithin and plant extracts.
Cosmetic effect : Provided minimum efficiency – improving the quality of the skin, a loss of appetite. Do impressionable girls possible laxative, diuretic effect, increase efficiency, endurance, and a complete lack of appetite. These effects are strongly correlated with the price and quality of the packaging, as well as the force of charisma seller.
Complications: Is that an allergic reaction.
Dangerous complications were observed.

• Thai pills.

Strictly speaking, Thai tablets are sold as a means to lose weight. But buying them and for the treatment of cellulite ! In Thailand itself about the success of local pharmacology unknown, their popularity is mainly limited to the post-Soviet space, the countries of Eastern Europe and the Russian-speaking communities in America and Germany.
This drug is sold illegally, it did not pass any licensing and certification. In the composition found amphetamines and certain plant extracts, giving as a stimulating or sedative effect.
Cosmetic effects : euphoric expression, bright eyes, rapid weight loss and volumes.
Complications: loss of control, mood swings, anorexia, skin tone, hair loss.
Threatening complications : the development of drug dependence, liver toxicity, kidney, heart, death on a background use.

• Ksinekal.

This product is intended for the treatment of obesity, however, many women equate the problem of excess weight and cellulite problem. Thus, the miracle on Ksinekal Seeker have high expectations.
The drug prevents the absorption of about 30 % fat of the total volume of food consumed. Since fat – this is the calorie content of the diet, then by reducing the total calories are lost total weight. In normal caloric intake and low fat content in the usual nutritional effect is minimal.
Cosmetic effects : weight loss in obesity and eating disorders expressed.
Complications: desocialize, malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins, dry skin, decreased skin tone.

Very often the development of a variety of diseases depends on supply, which is unbalanced because of what the body is not fully getting all the nutrients it needs.
Today immensely popular variety fasting days - apple, vegetables, fruit. But perhaps none of them can compare in popularity with kefir. What is the fasting day on yogurt and why he is so loved by fans of different diets?