Modern medicine or how to protect yourself!
Today, in the world of fast food, we often forget or do not attach due importance to nutrition. So every year there is a growing number of obese people, and people whose power has led them to sickness and disease. When bad food spoil figure, skin, health problems (shortness of breath, low stamina, sweating, bad breath, and the like).
Child's health is largely dependent on his lifestyle: a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and sufficient physical activity. In words all sounds very simple, but in fact provide good nutrition to children is difficult - impossible to get many kids to eat vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, and quality products today leaves much to be desired.
What vitamins are suitable for children from 3 years? Parents always worry about their children. Proper nutrition, well-chosen clothes, tempering, timely vaccinations and examinations by doctors - all this is very important for a child of any age.

Pharmacy drugs

Pharmacy drugs currently considered to be narcotic drugs sold in pharmacies. They become drug only if you test drive them, taking for other purposes, in increased doses. Typically, these drugs are sold only by prescription, as act on the nervous system and can be addictive.

Pharmacy has long been a point of purchase drugs. If you buy organic expensive drugs, a large percentage of people ill with viral infections, because administered intravenously. Pharmacy drugs, even if not intended to contracting the disease, but also lead to disastrous health conditions. In some cases, too abysmal. For example, desomorphine, manufactured from pharmaceutical drugs, leading to the destruction of the whole organism and death after a very short time of receipt.

Description pharmacy drugs

At the moment there are several pharmaceutical drugs, which are popular among drug addicts. These include: Terpincod, Nurofen Plus, Tetralgin, Turpin Tropikamid, Lyric, Tramadol, and others like them. As can be seen, most of them incorporates codeine – a synthetic opiate. Preparations containing codeine, uses bulk pharmaceutical drug.

Tropicamide – the availability of drugs to young people. Tropicamide – eye drops, which are assessed in order to verify mydriasis fundus. His love interfere with other medications. For example, Nurofenom plus. Long use of tropicamide leads to anxiety, panic, hallucinations. And, even if you take only tropicamide. Its effect also causes transient fainting. Highly addictive.

Terpincod, Nurofen plus – almost identical to addicts. The only difference, and then low. Terpincod was in vogue a few years ago, now it is expensive, but Nurofen Plus is cheaper. In the near future are going to sell drugs codeine prescription only.

To apply drugs pharmacy efedrinosoderzhaschie drugs, tranquilizers. Efedrinosoderzhaschie drugs and medicines with ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are used to make screws and Mulk. Tranquilizers and sleeping pills have several similar picture intoxication with opium. Among them are former injecting heroin addicts. In general, to tranquilizers and get used to the extent of treatment.

Psychedelics – refer here to the same pharmacy drugs. These are substances that cause a psychedelic state. These include the lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine, mescaline, psilocybin. By psychedelics psychoactive substances also include hemp, and some synthetic drugs. All psychedelics are hallucinatory drug action. They are used not as a treatment, and the use of drug addicts leads to a change of consciousness, which was subsequently amended and all. Addicts, addicted to substances having hallucinatory actions usually first try dextromethorphan.

Lyric – new pharmaceutical drug, began to be produced recently. Highly addictive nature, refers to the anticonvulsant drugs possessing analgesic effect. Lyric cost is high, but that does not deter addicts. It is believed that its action similar to the action of opium.

Tramadol – a rather famous drug. Potent analgesic, also present in the composition of certain drugs. Net tramadol available only under special recipes. In large quantities causes euphoria and addictive. Tramadol severe consequences. Strongly affects the nervous system, as well as all drugs. When tramadol only became popular among drug addicts, while he also sold without a prescription.

It turns out that part of the pharmacy narcotic drugs used for making handicrafts drugs.

Little about pharmacies

So it turns out that the modern pharmacy not only a place where you can get everything for treatment, but also vice versa. According to the degree of control pharmacy drugs are divided into 3 groups:

1. Strict accountability, are only available on prescription, and the prescription is verified on the spot call the hospital.

2. Upon presentation of a prescription, ” exchange ” on the recipe, but require tough statements.

3. OTC medicines of special interest for the addict does not provide is only used as reagents for the production of mixtures.

I wonder if at any drugstore supported it? What will happen next, if time does not address this issue ? Codeine drugs will now be sold without a prescription, but does this mean the end of drug addiction? If you are currently removed from all sales of narcotic drugs, addicts will still try to find a replacement.

Overdose deaths caused by ” legal drugs ” in our country has increased significantly. In reality, if you look at the problem of the pharmaceutical business, it becomes clear that the sale of drugs without a prescription dictated only monetary motives. Empty packs of drugs every lying, almost every prominent place near the street urns at the entrance to the store, on the grass. Worst of all, that all this is happening openly in front of the children. Unlikely addict thinks when water washes down pills that someone looks at him.

Back in the 1970s, when only young people have come to understand as codeine effect on the psyche, and of course, not without practice on yourself. As a consequence of this drug stopped producing, and all medicines containing codeine, began to sell strictly on prescription. But that was then. Already in the 90s with a small drug codeine are back on sale. It took more than ten years to once again achieve release codeine prescription drugs. Will there be a point? During this time it produced an incredible amount of new pharmaceutical drugs and continues to be produced.

However, narcotic drugs sold by prescription – is really the problem. Especially because almost all narcotic drugs, according to experts in the field of pharmacology, have their harmless counterparts.

Very often the development of a variety of diseases depends on supply, which is unbalanced because of what the body is not fully getting all the nutrients it needs.
Today immensely popular variety fasting days - apple, vegetables, fruit. But perhaps none of them can compare in popularity with kefir. What is the fasting day on yogurt and why he is so loved by fans of different diets?