Modern medicine or how to protect yourself!
Today, in the world of fast food, we often forget or do not attach due importance to nutrition. So every year there is a growing number of obese people, and people whose power has led them to sickness and disease. When bad food spoil figure, skin, health problems (shortness of breath, low stamina, sweating, bad breath, and the like).
Child's health is largely dependent on his lifestyle: a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and sufficient physical activity. In words all sounds very simple, but in fact provide good nutrition to children is difficult - impossible to get many kids to eat vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, and quality products today leaves much to be desired.
What vitamins are suitable for children from 3 years? Parents always worry about their children. Proper nutrition, well-chosen clothes, tempering, timely vaccinations and examinations by doctors - all this is very important for a child of any age.


Traditional medicine or modern medicine?

People meditsinaK Unfortunately, in today’s world, traditional medicine fits the category unpopular methods of treatment, despite the fact that it is not contrary to the canons of classical science. Official therapy, often, one heals, another cripple because synthetic drugs contribute to allergies, skin diseases development, destroy the liver and kidneys. Doctors, despite the fact that today there is an effective and, at the same time, affordable traditional medicine, mostly administered to a patient medication.

Human Health – harmony of the body and nature. Man is becoming increasingly remote from the natural conditions of life for him, thus disrupting your balance. As a result of frequent illnesses begin, the reason he can not find. The patient, being sure that it will definitely help traditional medicine, is sent to the pharmacy for medicine, not trying to help yourself to traditional methods. Continue reading

10 most dangerous components – read the label!

Stop psevdonaturalnoy settle for cosmetics. Start reading labels – and you really learn to recognize organic products among others. These are substances that, according to Aubrey Hampton, founder of Aubrey Organics, are not desirable in the composition of cosmetics.

1. Methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl paraben (METHYL, PROPYL, BUTYL AND ETHYL PARABENS) are often used in the media daily care as stabilizers, preservatives, inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Absorbed by the skin and have a weak estrogenic activity, which is dangerous for women who are estrogen is contraindicated ( for breast cancer ), as well as during pregnancy (causes of reproductive function of the fetus ). Continue reading

U.S. citizens denied access to cheap medicines

Many Americans ordering drugs abroad, where they are ten times cheaper, began to receive notification from prohibiting service by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tablets, prescribing clinicians and began detaining at airports in accordance with article on drug trafficking. Because of this, most patients are not getting access to essential drugs.

According to The New York Times, a year’s supply of medicines, which in the U.S. would cost more than $ 1 thousand in neighboring Canada costs about $ 100. Now, in an era of economic crisis, when the incomes of most Americans already decreased, purchase medicines at home for many was not just expensive, but in principle impossible.

In the international pharmaceutical associations of Canada reporters stated that prescriptions for millions of Americans annually discharged. Continue reading

Benefit or harm of drugs

Most people nowadays can not live without drugs.

Eyes of modern man, using them can be cured almost everything:

minor problems, such as churning stomach (due to extensive dinners ) and mild pain in the stomach;
severe disorders.
Why drugs have become so important in our lives that we do without them can not live a day ? Yes, because we have become very gullible and lazy. Think I’m wrong ?

Many people have formed the impression that the company engaged in production of tablets primarily concerned with our health. To some extent this is true, but still the presidents of these companies are more interested in revenue from the sale of their products than we do. That’s why you need not trust each new drug to advertise, because the pharmaceutical business in the first place – business. Continue reading

Why are the most popular drugs – the most useless

Each morning begins with Anna Alexandrovna drugs. Nothing special, the usual set for her age : Cerebrolysin, vinpocetine, and tanakan Nootropilum – ” Head ” Wobenzym – ” to cleanse and immunki ” Corvalolum – when the heart aches for trobovazim veins, vitamin D and calcium – ” Bone “. In case of a cold or other infection in her medicine cabinet has an impressive arsenal of immunomodulators, antiviral and homeopathic remedies.

Anna not to self, and all the drugs she was prescribed by doctors. But none of them is sold in Western countries (at least as drugs ), none has stood the test objective methods of evidence-based medicine. Most of them are not subjected to such tests.

Anna – real and not a character, but in its place could be your mother or any other relative, or yourself. The most popular medications that make the lion’s share of the turnover of the Russian pharmaceutical market – at the same time the most useless. Continue reading

Buy drugs without leaving your home

To buy a tablet, we all used to go to the pharmacy and no one thinks about what to order medications for home delivery easier. Why to book by phone drugs better than going to the pharmacy ?

First, you need to walk to the pharmacy, and if you are sick, it is not so nice, especially when the window minus ten and ice. Dial the number and order the medicine is clearly easier.

Secondly, it is not necessary that the nearest pharmacy to the house you will find the necessary means, despite the rather large at first glance, the range. The fact is that most pharmacies sell only popular medicines that are in seasonal demand, as well as a means of ” mandatory list.” So, there is a chance that you have to go to another pharmacy, and not the fact that it will be your medicine. As a result, the quest for a simple pill turns into things torment, which could be avoided by calling a delivery service, where the average number of titles – about ten thousand medicines. Continue reading

Farmomafiya semeika Rockefellers

How did it happen that the pharmaceutical companies in the world like the sea – and the landlord they the same ?

How did it happen that our treatment was in the hands of freaks who earn poisoning and killing people?

How is it that medicine has chosen a path that she have a polygamist, rapist, horse thief, a swindler, a rogue and a charlatan ?

How did it happen that our governments use the methods of terror and intimidation to rape and enslavement of their people – on behalf and in the interest of profit chemical and pharmaceutical mafia semeika Rockefeller ?

Take a look at the starting point.

Farmomafii founder became a polygamist, rapist, horse thief, a swindler, a rogue and a charlatan William Avery Rockefeller (1841-1922). Continue reading

Cellulite : Myths about tablets

What is the legends and myths ? From the perspective of philology, legends and myths related to the oral culture and reflect the life and lifestyle of the people of the author. From the point of view of psychology, myths and legends reflect the social unconscious and they manifest the dreams and fears of the people living in that time.

Despite the fact that the problem of cellulite interested society relatively recently, in modern cosmetic folklore she confidently takes center stage and is shrouded in a veil of mysticism and mystery.

People creating these tales are women, without distinction of race and ethnicity. Fear, as reflected in these myths – definitely a classic fear of old age and death. Orange peel covering hip reminds woman of the impermanence of existence, lived years, symbolizes the loss of youth and beauty. Anyway, so say the glossy magazines, and which may be grounds not to believe them ?

Great Dream of these legends – no less classic dream of the Holy Grail, the source of eternal youth and beauty, The Makropulos Affair. In our case – is a kind of remedy that in a few days not only eliminates sufferer of cellulite, but also lose weight, without any discomfort, complications and effort. Continue reading

Very often the development of a variety of diseases depends on supply, which is unbalanced because of what the body is not fully getting all the nutrients it needs.
Today immensely popular variety fasting days - apple, vegetables, fruit. But perhaps none of them can compare in popularity with kefir. What is the fasting day on yogurt and why he is so loved by fans of different diets?