Modern medicine or how to protect yourself!
Today, in the world of fast food, we often forget or do not attach due importance to nutrition. So every year there is a growing number of obese people, and people whose power has led them to sickness and disease. When bad food spoil figure, skin, health problems (shortness of breath, low stamina, sweating, bad breath, and the like).
Child's health is largely dependent on his lifestyle: a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and sufficient physical activity. In words all sounds very simple, but in fact provide good nutrition to children is difficult - impossible to get many kids to eat vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, and quality products today leaves much to be desired.
What vitamins are suitable for children from 3 years? Parents always worry about their children. Proper nutrition, well-chosen clothes, tempering, timely vaccinations and examinations by doctors - all this is very important for a child of any age.

U.S. citizens denied access to cheap medicines

Many Americans ordering drugs abroad, where they are ten times cheaper, began to receive notification from prohibiting service by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tablets, prescribing clinicians and began detaining at airports in accordance with article on drug trafficking. Because of this, most patients are not getting access to essential drugs.

According to The New York Times, a year’s supply of medicines, which in the U.S. would cost more than $ 1 thousand in neighboring Canada costs about $ 100. Now, in an era of economic crisis, when the incomes of most Americans already decreased, purchase medicines at home for many was not just expensive, but in principle impossible.

In the international pharmaceutical associations of Canada reporters stated that prescriptions for millions of Americans annually discharged.

At the same time on the FDA Web site states that ” in most cases, to import drugs for personal use is prohibited in the United States.” Agency can not guarantee their effectiveness and safety. Authorities prohibit “reverse imports” of American medicine, as there is no guarantee that they are properly stored. As for the foreign counterparts, then they are often no claims being made of non-compliance with environmental standards USA. For example, last year in the Canadian inhalation masks for asthmatics were found harmful materials.

In some cases, FDA still allows the purchase of medicines abroad if there is no alternative in the United States, and the order is less than three-month dose.

The New York Times concludes that it is now in the best position were residents of areas near the U.S. border. There, people are free to make ” medicinal tours.”

Very often the development of a variety of diseases depends on supply, which is unbalanced because of what the body is not fully getting all the nutrients it needs.
Today immensely popular variety fasting days - apple, vegetables, fruit. But perhaps none of them can compare in popularity with kefir. What is the fasting day on yogurt and why he is so loved by fans of different diets?